USA Power Violence Vol. 1

by PVcompilations

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released August 30, 2012



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Track Name: SNAKES - Scourage
Take your place at the whipping post
The first wave of lashes hurt the most
Then the numbness sets in
Beg for mercy, start all over again
No sympathy from anyone else
You're on your own, so take your belts
Temporary, useless, drone
You serve no purpose, faceless clone
Bare your back and hold your tongue
Now close your eyes it's just begun
Track Name: downpour. - Idle Hands
Slave to the daily grind, fingers hardly bone. drawing blood for 40 hours while debt turns us into stone. Circulate the wealth, maximize the workforce. They steal from behind to feed the fucking war horse. Our chronicle ends, when the cycle begins. Ticking by and by, supply, command, comply. Idle Hands.
Track Name: BRIDGE - Room To Breathe
trying to own up to wait i have done, but you just dont care. I tried, I tried, I tried. I tried to change, why cant you fucking forgive me? Give me just one more chance, why cant you fucking forgive me? guess ill give up
Track Name: Stresscase - Lonely Leech
Son of a bitch,
quit pulling at my teeth.
So fragile and weak ,
from your sick fucking disease.

Feeding off me , like a leach.
My sorrow brings you joy.
When will you learn?
I'm not your fucking toy.
Track Name: DECAYED RACE - Paralyzed and Erased / Perceived Through Hatred / Supremacy(Crossed Out)
Paralyzed and Erased:

your time has come
no pain to feel
death slowly leads you
life fades to black

Perceived Through Hatred:

salt in my wounds
no patience
all has been done
dont come near me
i resent you
all these scars serve as my lessons learned

Supremacy(Crossed Out):

you are so pure? you're full of shit
Track Name: Necklacing - Disease
hang on to every short breath drown in every plunge and crest without a voice you don't exist trapped and looking for an exit and they'll always that on you and they'll always be fucking above you and don't listen when they tell you you'll get better and you'll spend forever under your own shit weather shaking on the cuticles of society waiting for your turn to fucking speak.
Track Name: Gorilla Pussy - Punk Fashion Is an Oxymoron / Demons
Punk Fashion is an oxymoron:

Punk and fashion do not mix
the emotion what cherish so much
has taken the form of a shit beauty contest
if competition of looks is what you think its cool
you're not fulling anyone
do us a favor and remove yourself from it

If this is hardcore... I'M NOT!


These demons are back
the rage of your words fills them
the hate in my head just makes them smile
knowing your existence
makes me fear for their actions
There's not enough room for them to move
but they won't come out
they just

And in the midst of the night
they'll rape your mind
they'll get you intoxicated
and make no sense things hurt

Track Name: Curmudgeon - 32411 / Infallible

one single bullet from one selfish asshole. no regard for human life just a product of our culture of violence. culture of shit. mortality is an illusion until reality comes crashing into our culture of violence. culture of shit. images of atrocities have blinded our eyes


not beaten into submission but silenced from the start, our history written before it’s been told. born from dirt, born from man, worth and role are clearly planned. never equal, always less, held down and owned. terrified of irrelevance. your he-man in the sky was created in your image. shackled by his words divine shit spreads like divine cancer.
Track Name: Suffer On Acid - Blistered Existence
Tare on through your eyes and look inside your mind- your Blistered existence is what I am left to find.
Pacing left and right- your only way to hide- Blistered existence, you sit here left to die.
Do it
Take it
Bury it
Fuck you
But me, I am the only one who slips through the cracks. Six feet under, your blistered existence.
Track Name: Beast Plague - Crown of Scorn
Black blood fills my veins
Clinically insane
My hunger can't be tamed
I'll share with you my pain

Constantly detained
Chronically deranged

Fighting with my brain
Nonexistent penitence

Nothing can save me
There is no exit
There is no catharsis
This confession meant nothing

There is no exit
Track Name: GRIT - Harvey Dent
stupid fuck, lost my fucking trust
black and white, severed ties
if you'll stab me look me in the eye
lying fuck
don't fucking tread on me
Track Name: PxBxS - Stuck / Haunted

Broken down
Stripped of life
Tortured thoughts
Blackened sky's
Struck again
Nowhere to go
Going in circles
Stuck in a hole


Hanging upside down
Over the fire
Hair singeing
Face ablaze
Rope snaps
Into the flames
Only the predator remains
Here he comes
Yet again
Looking for another victim
Face to face
With his prey
Slits his throat
Scatters his bones
Track Name: SHIT LUCK - Timeless Grief
world has chewed me up and spit me back out. buried deep beneath deceit. flesh has turned to grey. my soul has been washed up, forgotten and thrown away. no need to fit in with self-seeking liars. there is nothing to outweigh the act of greed. the only condolence or company i seek rests within four white walls.

infect my mind with thoughts of poison. rotting and decaying with each passing day.

ventured on and on through this cursed plain that has left me in waste to melt away. chewed up and spit out again. nothing ever seems to change. welcoming death to the point of desire. fixed in aversion. close my eyes. hope to die. nothing seems to numb the never ending pain.

this cursed plain has left me in waste to melt the fuck away.
Track Name: False Light - Almighty Theif / The Great Unwashed
Almighty Thief:

Eyes pried open,
praying to cope with
being the prey of no one.

Wanting to feel
the weight lifted when you kneel.

Clouds crushing my chest, crawling on my hands
Dirt in my eyes, desperate and damned.

If this rope wasn't splitting, I'd tie myself up.
I've lived long enough.

The Great Unwashed:

Ignorance, spreading filth.
Unjust anger that decays.
You turn your head, indifferent
to the evil you provoke
Bitter hatred, foolishness.
Crawl back to the frigid ground.
Feeling cold, growing old.
Mind to help, no hands to use.

What a grim existence you lead.

Feed, feed. Blacken the air you breathe.

Ignorance, spreading filth.
Unjust anger that decays.
Shut your eyes, close your fist.
Who's the fucking coward here?
Track Name: FISSURE - Zoot Suit Riot / C.C Beat
tus palabras
No quiero tus mentiras
No hagas lo que te dicen
Luchar lo que representan

! El gringo tambien canta la cancion en espanol, y es mui bueno !

yo soy el enemigo
Nace de la razón
Café Por suerte
Voy a luchar

Will kill you
Kill them all
Black and green
Biggest threat
you ever seen
Surf squid
Beat down
Break beat
Kill clowns
I am nice
I eat rice
Who cares?
Get the Fuck out of here.
Track Name: Rabid Pigs - Anguished

Anguished by the shit you say
The racism that comes spewing out
Makes me want to break your fucking face
You're no better than the people you hate
Crawl back into the sewer
The fucked up place where you are king
You're the real rat, you're the real vermin
And I, the exterminator.
Track Name: Hipster Trash - Fuck You / Red Laces / Thrash Blues Assassin
Fuck You:

You're not always right
I'm not always wrong
you just want to fight
All day fucking long

Fuck you

Red Laces:

You racist fucking piece of shit
You're such a fucking idiot
Red, black, white, dead
Fuck you Nazi skinhead

1, 2, 1, 2, fuck you
Hitler was a fucking douche
he killed himself and so should you
You hate for no fucking reason
Now it's Nazi hunting season
Call me a hypocrite
But I'm sick of your stupid shit

I don't give a fuck
Nazi punks fucking suck

No more Nazis

Thrash Blues Assassin:

He came into this bar
Shooting up the place
Sun House pulled out his 9
Shot him in the face

Thrash blues
Thrash blues
Thrash blues assassin
Track Name: Banshee Noise - Cane Kicker / Snuff Lovers Binge / A Night Of Substance Abuse
1.Cane kicker:
Pardon me ma'am I seem to have
Fallen and can't get up
Maybe you can spare some
Flights are too much these days
So maybe I'll swim to the shores
Of my relocated head
Oh wait it's just a few feet to the left

2.snuff lovers binge:
Bank robbers and door stoppers
Have a few similarities in that
They all can't be made in a factory
Line me up on the height wall I believe
I'm 6'1. Take my picture thru the two way mirror
And sentence me

3.a night of substance abuse:
Repentance is a way to reassure the dumb and insure against fires and
Halos and pointed ears
Sit and swallow what comes forth.
This old man seems to believe that he was once a man of great terms .
But really he was just a sad fuck with a half dead dog